Posts like these are pretty common now but I just couldn’t help myself – especially not after listening to my mum say “Chosen one” *insert Ling’s voice from Kung Pow* every time this ad from Channel V comes up.

Here’s a couple of movie scenes that I swear are on point from the lines to facial expression for real life situations:


1. When a hottie comes along.

Latrell Oyster Face | Like Seriously

White Chicks

2. When someone exaggerates something that isn’t remotely as bad as they say it is.

Did you die Ken Jeong | Like Seriously

The Hangover

3. When your friend says something stupid.

Lacey Chabert Mean Girls | Like Seriously

Mean Girls

4. When you take selfies and group photos.

Zoolander look | Like Seriously


5. When someone’s getting on your nerves.

James Franco Cum on You | Like Seriously

This Is The End

6. When you gotta be a little less awkward around someone you like.

I'm in Lesbians With You | Like Seriously

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

7. When you see the price tag of something ridiculously expensive.

That's a Lot Of Nuts | Like Seriously

Kung Pow

8. When you have to get off the hook from something you were actually part of.

African Child African Face 01 | Like SeriouslyAfrican Child African Face 02 | Like Seriously
Get Him to The Greek

9. When you have to convincingly own it.

Chris Evans Whipped Cream | Like Seriously

Not Another Teen Movie

10. When you’re in denial about liking Justin Bieber’s new album

Clueless Monet Comment | Like Seriously



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