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Instagram Favourites | Like Seriously

So Good It Hurts: Instagram 5 Feed Favorites

It’s that time of the month again (and no I don’t mean my period) to patronize the things I love about the internet – beautiful photography. Last month I’d gawked about my Tumblr favorites. Now, I’m moving on to my Instagram idols.

More than just the filters that make the pictures seemingly delectable to the human eye, Instagram has pretty remarkable photography – mostly accrediting to lighting and composition.

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Movie Scenes That Taught Us How To Deal With Life | Like Seriously

Movie Scenes That Taught Us How to Deal With Life

Posts like these are pretty common now but I just couldn’t help myself – especially not after listening to my mum say “Chosen one” *insert Ling’s voice from Kung Pow* every time this ad from Channel V comes up.

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Tumblr Favorites | Like Seriously

So Good It Hurts: Tumblr Top 5

You know how when you love something so much you just want the whole world to know and you can’t stop talking about them to the point that you’re already advocating? Yea, well this is it – the part where I¬†romanticize the qualities¬†my favorites.

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