I created LIKE SERIOUSLY as a place for me to vent out my inner frustrations, random thought bubbles, and just about anything I wish to word vomit. Here I share what I have in mind, ranging from theory speculations to personal eurekas and casual comparisons. It will be as random as it can get so get ready for it. And because I’m introvert as hell, this is where I secretly extrovert. If that makes any sense at all!

I also share my interest in arts, design, and crafts here on theĀ GIBBERISH section, where I post tutorials and stories of projects I’ve done. This is meant as a channel for me to exercise my hobbies through positive ideas.

Most of these are done for the first time so I will definitely mess up 80% of the time. (At least give me some credit for my honesty. Ha!) And because of that, I can give you genuine tips on how to go about with the project.

LIKE SERIOUSLY is where I get out of my shell and get opinionated. I’m not all that interesting but I try to have substance. So please enjoy getting into my head, this is as close as you can get.


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