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Why The Face of Cebu Should Be Inked | Like Seriously

Why the Face of Cebu Should Be Inked

Miss Cebu 2016 is coming up and my thoughts about it are recurring. (I have no idea why I’ve never written anything about it yet.) To start, I have nothing against pageants but I have always wondered why this local pageant holds that distinct Westernized standard in screening applicants.

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Kirigami Paper Diorama - Like Seriously

Kirigami Paper Diorama

For my first project, I decided to create a paper diorama. This variation involves layering Kirigami to create a 3D effect. In case you guys are wondering, Kirigami is the Japanese art of paper cutting (from the Japanese "kiru" = to cut, "kami" = paper).

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Tumblr Favorites | Like Seriously

So Good It Hurts: Tumblr Top 5

You know how when you love something so much you just want the whole world to know and you can’t stop talking about them to the point that you’re already advocating? Yea, well this is it – the part where I¬†romanticize the qualities¬†my favorites.

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