You know how when you love something so much you just want the whole world to know and you can’t stop talking about them to the point that you’re already advocating? Yea, well this is it – the part where I romanticize the qualities my favorites.

I just love Tumblr because, although often times what you see in someone’s blog aren’t content that actually came from them, their blogs have so much soul either way. You get to know the person behind the profile from the stuff they reblog and like because you know it’s something they relate to – unadulterated and honest.

What’s so beautiful about it is the subtle transparency of the bloggers giving you crumbs of their personality without having to be upfront.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my Top 5 All-time Favorite Tumblogs:

Fyodor Pavlov | Like Seriously

5. Fyodorpavlov
Contrary to what I just said about content not being theirs, this blog is the complete reverse. Most of the things you’ll find in his blog are his beautiful works oozing that 1920’s feel. The consistency of his art and the vulgarity behind it makes it sardonically alluring. The epitome of guilty pleasure. Warning though: HEAVY Erotic theme. But then again, it’s Tumblr. When is it not?

Multicolor | Like Seriously

4. Multicolors
Clean and classy just about describes her blog. Growing up with a fashion designer uncle, I have grown to love looking at women and wardrobe so her blog kinda hits close to home. I believe Johanna is a model and her passion for it is quite evident in her blog. Besides that, you guys should read her answers to messages. Tells you so much about what she stands for. Very entertaining.

Unfuckthereallife | Like Seriously

3. Unfuckthereallife
Her blog is such a breather from the internet – for me that is. It’s too real it has a way of piquing norms it’s almost hilarious. At the same time, it’s so typical that the candor of the blog is actually what makes it so relatable.

Americanhighwayflower | Like Seriously

2. Americanhighwayflower
Her blog screams attitude and I love it! Her blog is the extension of the awesomeness she is living. And let me just say, it is as if the writers of Almost Famous wrote her life story. You will drool over the rockstardom she will bring to your dash. Period.

Kalalalai | Like Seriously

1. Kalalalai
If you’re ready to go into a deep cerebral dive, then her blog is the place to be. The variation of art, science, and activism drives enchantment in it you get sucked into a different cognitive dimension. But what’s really interesting is that the raging noise inside her beautiful head never escapes her quiet self in person.

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