It’s that time of the month again (and no I don’t mean my period) to patronize the things I love about the internet – beautiful photography. Last month I’d gawked about my Tumblr favorites. Now, I’m moving on to my Instagram idols.

More than just the filters that make the pictures seemingly delectable to the human eye, Instagram has pretty remarkable photography – mostly accrediting to lighting and composition.

You’ll find that my taste in eye candy is rather distinct in the matters of disturbing, abstract and intriguing in the most unorthodox sense but generally minimalist in approach.

I am so drawn to the art of galvanizing, majority of the feed I follow are strangers whose pictures crawl into my skin and touch my soul – much like all the other things I surround myself with. But just to sound a little less poetic and creepy, these people I’m about to patronize do know their shit and are incredibly great at it.

Here are my Instagram Top 5 Favorites:

5. 2ndcoffeemusings

A photo posted by @2ndcoffeemusings on

I know you won’t get it the first time. When you see her feed, I can only imagine you guys roll your eyes at the normalcy. But that’s just it. I love the honesty in her photos. What you see is what you get. The ordinary things she features resonate vulnerability. She speaks through the images as if to say “This is me today. This is what I see and this is how I feel about it.” and that’s what I find special.

4. Jjeremingg

A photo posted by @jjeremingg on

I love that his shots are clean; the composition quite calculated but leaves room for interpretation; and the irony of its minimalism speaks so much. The modern feel to it is refreshing that I believe the best word to call his pictures is tonic.

3. Darkbeautymag

A photo posted by Dark Beauty (@darkbeautymag) on

I believe the well-curated images in their feed are contributions of different photographers. Nevertheless, I admire the eeriness of it all – something not most would admire. Besides the execution and composition of the images, I am very inclined to the subject focused on. A bias selection, if I may say, but nothing short of the dramatics.

2. Alessioalbi

A photo posted by Alessio Albi (@alessioalbi) on

He’s a pro but even with pros I’m not easy to amuse (A trait I would like to indict upon my Cebuano heritage). But I swear to the Shutter Gods his works are orphic. You can drown in them. He captures the essence of the person in the portrait without breaking signature. I just love how deep, ethereal, and tantalizing they are. So much soul in them.

1. Honnnhoang

A photo posted by Hon Hoang (@honnnhoang) on

Grungy and psychedelic. Words to describe his pictures. It’s amazing how sardonic his brightly colored images still ends up dark and riveting. I love how disturbed his shots feel, like there’s so much promise and secrets behind them it would take a lifetime to tell.


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