I know I'm treading on dangerous waters so before you Jesus freaks start stoning me to death, this post is in no way meant to offend. I just want to share with you guys a correlation I found between the science of the human body and the amount of time it took for Jesus to come back to life.

This coincidental discovery happened when my dad was watching TV and I was in the living room with him. I think he had Discovery Channel on. I'm not sure.  I was too busy tinkering with my phone.

Anyway, I didn't hear much except for "... The acids of the stomach begin to digest the intestines 3 days after death". Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understood, the body stops regenerating so the mucus lining in the intestine slowly dissolves after death from the corrosion of the acid and the body gets digested inside out. Safe to say, decomposition starts by then.

And then it randomly hit me, "... On the third day He rose again." Realization GIF - Bathroom Epiphanies

Jesus got back from the dead on the third day - not 3 days after or something like that. If you come to think of it, although Jesus may have been demi-god, the vessel he used for his incarnation was a human body.

Ergo, if his resurrection came a day later than the third, he would've literally been zombie Jesus or maybe just Jesus with a really bad gastritis, which meant he would have to go look for another way to manifest.

Now, I haven't read the bible so I wouldn't know what other analogy the author would have for His resurrection, but I'm pretty sure I'm not far off the truth here.

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