Where we are and what we see are different perceptions of reality. Every bit is true, for we are in varying dimensions of the same time. What exists is of neutral ground, but to visions of divergent dimensions, neutrality is masked by perception. None of this is unpretty.

Our differences do not make us foul. It is our inability to accept that there is more than one side of the truth; to settle in closing our minds that the world is not more profound than what we’re accustomed to.

Settling to be average makes us immemorable.

We belong to a universe bound by a continuum. If we choose to, we are infinite. As gods of our planet, we are granted immortality. But only those who do not entertain the lacklusterness that beckons us can achieve it.

Immortality in Passion | Like Seriously

This isn’t to say that immorality should be the success we seek. Passion is the aim.

The neutrality of the world is poisoned by mediocrity. Mediocrity that kills the beauty in things. Mediocrity that stains the authenticity of what is pure. And, mediocrity that disrupts passion.

It is the absence of passion that makes us fall short of beautiful.

Passion is the most powerful concept of immortality. It is more than love and desire. It is pouring fragments of your soul into what there is in the world. It is what paints the world beautiful for we leave traces of ourselves and plant our truths to be unforgotten.

To be consumed in passion, we paint a masterpiece in the universe.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Jennifer Lee


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