My mind is an iridescent flow of abstraction. There is no chronology. Only a connection of philosophy.

LIKE SERIOUSLY is a canvas for me to pour out various spectrums of  myself –  inner frustrations, random thought bubbles, and just about anything I wish to word vomit.

Here you’ll have a taste of what I have in mind, ranging from theory speculations to personal eurekas and casual comparisons. It’ll be a mix of shallow digestable blurbs and stimulatingly contemplative notions. At some point, it may be controversial but what’s not these days?

I’ll also share my interest in arts, design, and crafts here on the GIBBERISH section, where I exercise my hobbies through positive ideas.

LIKE SERIOUSLY is where I get out of my shell and get opinionated. I’m not all that interesting but I try to have substance. So please enjoy getting into my head, it’s deep enough to swim in but not enough to drown.


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