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Prohibiting Marijuana is Illogical | Like Seriously

Prohibiting Marijuana is Illogical

I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. No, I am not here to raise the pothead flag and be an activist about the stoner subculture. I am merely vocalizing my take on the biases of this topic. My stand on it goes deeper than its legalization for personal consumption.

Unbeknownst to others, criminalization of marijuana tackles more than just on health and safety issues; it involves environmental cases, economic affairs, religion, and racism. This is how amazing the power of psychology is. The masses have been brainwashed into believing there is something evil in a neutral thing.

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The Ultimate Reason to be Happy | Like Seriously

The Ultimate Reason to be Happy

I was browsing through my Newsfeeds a while back and I came across a post by Berlin Art Parasites. (You guys should follow them by the way. You’ll find them to be a great read, not to mention captivating with the art they feature.)

Anyway, the post struck me. No big surprise really, seeing as such quote came from an illustrious author. Needless to say it was worth digging deep into.

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Movie Scenes That Taught Us How To Deal With Life | Like Seriously

Movie Scenes That Taught Us How to Deal With Life

Posts like these are pretty common now but I just couldn’t help myself – especially not after listening to my mum say “Chosen one” *insert Ling’s voice from Kung Pow* every time this ad from Channel V comes up.

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